Drey Ricks

Drey Ricks | Why Being a Vocal Leader on The Court Important

Drey Ricks “Not all basketball players are outgoing and verbal. A team may consist of talkative players or shy, timid individuals. Regardless of your players’ off-the-court personalities, communication on the court is essential for a successful basketball team. Communication can separate a good player from a great player.”  

Drey Ricks

When players communicate, they give their teammates verbal cues. Simple phrases like, “screen left,” “I’ve got your help” and “dead, dead, dead” can help teams make quick, on-court adjustments.

Drey Ricks knows the point guard is like the extension of the coach on the floor. He has to know where everyone should be on offense, and he has to use verbal cues to get his teammates to the right spots. Although communication generally starts with your point guard or captain, it’s important for all of your players to be verbal on the floor. Yelling instructions on offense helps your team execute plays and score more points.

Just like basketball skills, player communication can be improved with practice. If you work on talking during practice, this will translate to the court on game day.

Whether it’s calling out screens or talking on defense, communication helps your team play together, which can help you win more games. Drey Ricks believes a player’s communication level can have a huge effect on their performance.   

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